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About Us
PLR INFRATECH, a branch of PLR Group, is a global network of top-notch professionals providing end-to-end consulting services to our esteemed clients to meet their unique business challenges and needs. We leverage our previous technical and managerial excellence to add value to clients, to let clients respond quickly to opportunities. Our people are drawn from various backgrounds, but we are united in the effort of adding value and bring our expertise in unison to deliver the demands of clients, efficiently.
      We bring passion and professional rigor to address stated as well as latent needs of our customers. Our process-driven consultants add knowledge, bring insights and our clients experience us as warm, deeply human, and trustworthy.
The Founders
PLR Infratech was founded by a network of individual professionals in the field of software development with versatile domain experience. The founders help in recruiting and in providing training to our consultants with a wide range of knowledge on specific issues pertaining to enterprise software technology, which helps in improving their efficiency and making them valuable assets to our customers. This practice of continuous recruiting and training has helped make PLR Infratech among the market leaders of enterprise technology solutions.
We believe in
  • Serve with dignity
  • Learn with humility
  • Grow with integrity
The chief differentiators for PLR in the marketplace are:
  • Quality and Process Certification from Authorized body
  • Broad and evolving range of products and services
  • State of art offshore development centers
  • Unique Human Resource policies for long term retention and development of employees
  • Deep insight into lean manufacturing processes
  • Fortune 100 Customers
  • Management team with a Proven track record
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