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Transformation Service
Process and IT Transformation
Under strong pressure to achieve relentless performance improvement, companies have to reinvent their processes. According to our CEOs as he perceive "IT as the biggest single barrier to change” when IT could be a driving force of performance improvement. Our process and IT Transformation consultancy helps our clients leverage innovation and productivity to deliver dramatic improvement in the alignment and performance of business processes and IT.
Business Challenges
  • Relentless pressure to achieve performance improvement
  • Making the most of advances in technology
  • Ensuring IT strategy keeps up with and supports business strategy
  • Pace of change in business environment
  • Managing risk
Our Service Includes
  • Redesign of business processes to
    • Improve cost effectiveness and agility
    • Increase product/services differentiation
    • Improve customer intimacy
  • Modernization of application portfolio to
    • Ensure that it is correctly aligned to business needs
    • Reduce application maintenance costs
    • Improve application agility and time to market
  • Upgrade, virtualization and consolidation of IT infrastructures to
    • Improve security
    • Increase agility
    • Reduce costs
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