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As organizations become more analytically mature, the data warehousing market will experience tremendous growth through 2009 and beyond. Organizations of any size should begin to assess their current level of investment in the analytic infrastructure. Data Integration processes are fundamental to critical IT initiatives. Processes such as data warehousing, data monitoring must consistently deliver and maintain optimum performance.
PLR helps companies deliver complete and accurate data to the business from a broad range of disparate sources of information. Powered by a team of experienced domain experts with a deep understanding of technology architecture, PLR provides cutting BI & Analytics solutions.
PLR has built an in-house capability on use of BI & Analytics tool to give customers the flexibility to develop their own analytical applications tailored to their data environments and business requirements.  Customers can use this tool to build powerful analytical applications for the whole range of business functions - including finance, logistics, inventory management, business performance monitoring, and more.
  • Short learning curve
  • Easy to use and Users can explore data
  • Comprehensive API's for integration with other products
  • Easy integration of data from disparate sources.
  • Customized applications tailored to customerís data and business needs
  • Rapid prototyping and deployment of new applications
  • Eliminates complicated intermediate data storage.
  • Can export and print analysis results
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